Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Journey

Good Morning! I don't know what's more exciting....starting a new business or being able to do it with my absolute favorite mama - aka Nana. Here's an update of where we are in the process!

  • Moving new things to the store every day. As more and more fun things are added we can actually see the store coming into focus! A blank slate is scary, but it really gets the creative juices a-flowin'! 
  • The business end is moving right along....licences, bank accounts, PayPal account - CHECK! Still a few more odds and ends to nail down, but so far I think we have the heavy stuff under control (well, not totally, but ya' know how we are.....ooohhh....something shiny!).
  • We could not have even gotten this far in the techno world without the visionary talent of my love Sandra Caldwell. OMG.....I could write PAGES about the love, support, creativity and encouragement my "other mama" has given us. 
  • We are still in need of CRAFTERS and ARTISANS for the store! We have great space available and would love to add more flair and sassy! If you or someone you know is afflicted with this obsession of being crazy with the crafty, CONTACT US!
  • Headed down to the store today to start hanging some display pieces and get a little more done in the way of fancying up the joint. Can't wait to post some pics!
  • BTW: I am a huge fan of bullets....and long-winded posts - just putting it out there! 
In the coming weeks and months, look forward to guest bloggers, fun tutorials and wacky posts by me and never really know what's gonna come outta our mouths(er, keyboards?)! 

Our store is going to be a place for creativity, shopping, chatter, love, friendship, and probably me busting out spontaneously in song and/or dance....THAT fun. I hope to see all of my friends there - the ones I cherish and the ones I haven't even met yet. 

Smooches! ~Shara   


  1. Loves u guys And soooo excited!

    1. Loves you right back my darling! Thank you for all of your amazing support, not only now but ALWAYS xoxo

  2. I can't wait, and am ALWAYS ready to jump aboard!!

    1. Jenny, I am so thrilled you are in our corner! I am really looking forward to our coffee date to chat about the possibilities! xoxo