Monday, June 17, 2013

Vendor Meeting Tomorrow Night

Happy Monday, friends! Mom & I are having our first vendor meeting at the store tomorrow night. This meeting is for our existing vendors, as well as prospective vendors. I am VERY excited to get everyone together. Working with so many creative people is a joy to me daily, and the chance to be totally surrounded by them is intoxicating!If you or someone you know is interested in getting more information, or if you LOVE what you've seen so far and want to sign up to join us, I encourage you to come to this meeting!

Weekends At Nana's Attic Vendor Meeting
Tuesday, June 18 @ 6:00pm
623 E Oak St Ste E
For more information, call 209-269-6492

Smooches! Shara 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey all, here is the video from our segment on Good Day Sacramento if you missed the live broadcast! It was an amazing experience and fabulous exposure for the store! Thanks to all of you that tuned in, and to Erik, Rhonda, Kathryn, Darian and Jordan for appearing "on set" today moral support!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Growing Pains And (potential) Stardom

Hello, my friends! 

Long time no blog! Just a quick note to update some changes happening at Nana's! Change is the nature of any business, especially in today's capricious economy. The good news is this: we are going to be open MORE! Woo Hoo! 

New Hours! 

Beginning June 20 we will be open EVERY weekend! Thursday thru Saturday we will be open 10am-5pm, and Sunday's Noon-4pm. 

The most frequently asked question we kept hearing was "Why are you only open ONE weekend a month?" Mom and I had designed our concept around a few other crafty businesses that have limited openings and huge followings. There was just one thing missing....the huge following! While community support and excitement greet us at every turn, we were just having a hard time drawing in the crowds to the store itself. To eliminate confusion and gain some momentum, we are listening to the folks who have been gracious enough to come to the store to check us out and shop...we're gonna be thee a bit more! 

A star is born?

Mom and I are thrilled to announce we will be on local channel 31 tomorrow morning to do a segment for Goodday Sacramento's weekend edition. Alan Sanchez will be out to chat with us about the business and will feature us sometime during the 8am hour! I have to thank my dear friend Rhonda Martinez for hooking us up. I am designing my "marketing strategies" (oooohhh, I sound SO legit!) to include LOTS of social media, like Facebook & Pinterest....I never in a MILLION years dreamt we'd be featured on TV. SCORE one for the Nana's team! So check us out bright and early tomorrow morning! 

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Dad's Day to the important fathers and father figures out there! Take a moment to thank him for all he does, whether he be your dad, your grandfather, an uncle, or anyone who has realy stepped up to the plate for you. I am lucky to have the absolute BESTEST dad in the world, however, jus' sayin'.... ♥

Vendor Meeting

We are hosting our very first vendor information meeting on Tuesday, June 20 at 6pm at the store. All current vendors and possible additions are welcome to come check us out. We will be discussing hours, fees, spaces, etc etc etc....looking forward to seeing everyone! We have at least three new vendors as of today, and I hope to add more to the fam bam Tuesday! That means more WOW, more FABULOUS, and more SHOPPING! 

Stay Tuned....

We are planning an exciting series of classes, events and all around fun at Weekends At Nana's Attic. Keep checking back to the blog, or visit our Facebook page. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nana's Debut Weekend

We have survived opening night! It came and went so quickly, as most happy occasions seem to do. Mom and I want to thank each and every one of our first-night customers....our friends, family and our wonderful shoppers! It truly was a magical night. Here are a few snapshots from our evening.....more to come! A special thanks to Sandra for taking all of these pictures. These memories will last a lifetime. 

Smooches...Shara xoxo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So I think I am finally beginning to understand the term "opening night jitters." Our big night is only a little over a week away and we still have much to do! I am excited/nervous/excited/ get the idea! 

Mom and I are still getting our own items created to add to our place, we are busily creating and tweaking our displays, and we are still welcoming crafters! We recently welcomed Anabelle Cerdas-Chi of Tuanis Craft into Nana's. She is a fabulously talented weaver who creates the most UH-Mazing things on a loom and by hand. Her hand-crafted purses, rugs, scarves, wraps, tunics (and so many more beautiful items!) are coming to OUR STORE! Oh. Em. GEE. This lady has TALENT! 

In addition to the exciting first stages of the new store, we have also been invited to co-host a fundraiser for American Heart Association Heart Walk and American Cancer Society - Relay for Life! "Hearts of Moms" is going to be a dazzling event showcasing some of the area's finest talent for a women's shopping night. Benefiting Team Kailani (aka Kiki), a team created by my dear friend Mercy Stewart to support her daughter's struggles with heart disease, this event isn't to be missed. This evening is open to moms, daughters, grandmas, aunts, cousins, girlfriends...not just a "moms night out" kids are invited, too! There will be food and beverages, raffles and of course SHOPPING! Tickets are available for only a $5 donation!!! 

Here is a little information about the event and about darling Kiki: 
I will be down at the store tomorrow and hope to add some new pictures to share our progress. Thank you to all of you who are tracking our progress and as anxious for opening weekend as we are! Smooches ~Shara

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sneak Peek

Mom and I went to the most fabulous sale today via a tip from my good friend Jenny over at Jenny Lipstick and Laundry! Oh. Em. GEE. SCORE! Fabulous statuary, rusty wrought heart skipped a beat and tumbled right outta my chest I was so excited! Mom and I had F U N finding the little odds and ends that will make up Nana's! Here's a sample of the haul:

Once that adventure was over (and BTW we ran into some old Nana's Attic customers from back in the day and they were as thrilled as we are about the new store!), we headed down to unload and rearrange some stuff to get an idea of the spaces we have available, how much room for ADA compliance, etc. Here's a little taste of what we have to look forward to:

We are having such a great time just finding stuff to put everywhere! We haven't even moved in all of our fabulous vendors yet!
Have a FABOO Saturday! ~Shara

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Journey

Good Morning! I don't know what's more exciting....starting a new business or being able to do it with my absolute favorite mama - aka Nana. Here's an update of where we are in the process!

  • Moving new things to the store every day. As more and more fun things are added we can actually see the store coming into focus! A blank slate is scary, but it really gets the creative juices a-flowin'! 
  • The business end is moving right along....licences, bank accounts, PayPal account - CHECK! Still a few more odds and ends to nail down, but so far I think we have the heavy stuff under control (well, not totally, but ya' know how we are.....ooohhh....something shiny!).
  • We could not have even gotten this far in the techno world without the visionary talent of my love Sandra Caldwell. OMG.....I could write PAGES about the love, support, creativity and encouragement my "other mama" has given us. 
  • We are still in need of CRAFTERS and ARTISANS for the store! We have great space available and would love to add more flair and sassy! If you or someone you know is afflicted with this obsession of being crazy with the crafty, CONTACT US!
  • Headed down to the store today to start hanging some display pieces and get a little more done in the way of fancying up the joint. Can't wait to post some pics!
  • BTW: I am a huge fan of bullets....and long-winded posts - just putting it out there! 
In the coming weeks and months, look forward to guest bloggers, fun tutorials and wacky posts by me and never really know what's gonna come outta our mouths(er, keyboards?)! 

Our store is going to be a place for creativity, shopping, chatter, love, friendship, and probably me busting out spontaneously in song and/or dance....THAT fun. I hope to see all of my friends there - the ones I cherish and the ones I haven't even met yet. 

Smooches! ~Shara   

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Store

How exciting!! A new place for crafters and artisans  and repurposed goodies!! Old friends and new friends and my wonderful daughter as my partner! It just doesn't get better than this!!

I want to thank my great friend and sister of my heart Sandra Caldwell for setting this Blog and using her awesome talent. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I love you Sandra!!

Weekends at Nana's Attic Blog

Weekends at Nana's Attic
Welcome we are Dev & Shara
This is our new blog...
here is a little info about us below
Our Store will be open the first weekend of each month from Thursday to Sunday.
You will be able to visit us 4 days  a month only and shop and buy handmade and retail items , then we close and refresh our store for the next opening. 
We will have some well known California Crafters & Artists
From Garden Goodies to Vintage Furniture and
Re-made Creations & 
Original Paintings , Signs and so much more.
French Country, Folkart, Shabby Chic Decor items
Watch for our Grand Opening coming soon... and more info
Lodi, California USA

~ Work in Progress  ~
Artists & Crafters  Needed
If you have a blog or website and
 would like to link let us know.
email us at :